04 June 2021
Rossana Console
Tuko launches "L'Albero delle Meraviglie" with Arancita

The game provider and aggregator Tuko Productions hits the Italian market with another title in partnership with Arancita, L’albero delle Meraviglie (The Tree of Wonders).

The collaboration between Tuko and Arancita has given shape to various modern and hilarious contents so far, thanks to the practical and innovative system that Tuko makes available for all those providers who want to create customized and cutting-edge games, namely the SDK system.

L’albero delle Meraviglie is a fantasy and magical genre created for those who love the mysterious nature. To entertain the players, there are 50 lines of winning combinations and the presence of the magical leaves symbols that appear at the end of a spin covering the symbols below and then disappearing by showing the hidden symbols, with a guaranteed surprise effect.

Indeed, the outstanding Bonus Game cannot be missing, for it always gives a secondary game at the appearance of 3 rainbow symbols. During the additional game, a tree with 24 leaves appears, hiding many prizes to discover. You can select up to 5 leaves to attempt to win all prizes.

Lightning strikes will appear from time to time to electrify the game, while the day will turn into the night when you win free spins.

Are you ready to discover the special effects of L'albero delle Meraviglie? Stay tuned; release date soon.