The game Koobix is based on the rolling of 6 dice chosen randomly from 5 different colors: red, green, yellow, blue, white. The white die is wild and substitutes for any other color. There are 6 dice for each red, yellow, green, blue, and 1 white die. The outcomes to be predicted can be generated based on the color of the die, its face value, and the position in which the die appears.

The game interface shows the different bets: it is possible to select only one type of bet per shot. In the main box, the 6 dice drawn appear in the left column. At the moment of extraction, these fall, with the typical rolling effect of the throw of the dice, from top to bottom. Therefore, position no. 1 is the lowest one, and position n. 6 is higher.

The largest space in the main box is dedicated to all bets that the player can select. A text box describes the chosen bet as the user specifies its parameters in the lower part. This helps the less experienced player learn the game and verify that what he has selected corresponds to what he expected.

Different types of bets can be made for the game: SUM bet, TARGET bet, MATCH bet, COMBO bet, RAINBOW bet, EXTRA bet, and POKER bet.


Game Type:

Table game


92.89% - 98.56%

Game resolution:







Italian, English